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people. >> love those promos. best promos ever. that's what's making news in america th searching for two suspects. two men with gunshot wounds are found in the car. and why the scene of the accident is in question this morning. tensions mount over anti- islamic video. and closer to an agreement? teachers in chicago are going another day without classes. but an end is near. we'll tell you what is going thereon and also in maryland. good morning. we will keep you updated on the
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forecast and the roads. but first we have to say to the charles crowson family. there is charlie holding his beautiful new daughter. her name is olivia. in the background is his hard working wife. she went into labor on tuesday and gave birth on thursday. congratulations. beautiful a doorable. >> absolutely. so lots to talk about. charm city music festival going on this weekend and roads will be shut down and people want to head outside. the weekend will be gorgeous again. we have a chance for a stray shower this evening. we'll stay dry today and we're starting off on a cool note again. we can see we're 59 in easton. and we have a few areas of patchy fog to talk about. as you head out and about, be
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prepared for that and make sure that you have the low beams on. we'll deal with warmer air as we go into the afternoon and the cold front will slice through. right now, maryland's most powerful radar is nice and dry. west chance for an isolated shower to pop up. but not a bad looking dia. we have that patchy fog this morning. and it will be cool around 8:00 or 9:00. and lunchtime, 78 and we'll start to see the clouds on the increase as we go through the day as well. and now over to lauren cook. we're dealing with reduced visibility. be extra careful as you head out. if you're using 95 and white marsh, there are no problems to report from 93 to the tunnels and the jfx is concerned, no delays southbound. we're look at and 11 minute from the belt way to east
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fayette street. here 56995, the top side will be in great shape traveling through towson. no problems to report from 95 up to 836789 and you're taking a live look at harford road where you'll notice there is not much activity. i'll have a live look of the west side of the beltway coming up in a few minutes that is a look at your "abc 2 news" traffic. a baltimore family is hoping that somebody will have information that will lead them to the person that killed their father, freddie king, known as big fred. he was found shot multiple times in his car in cherry hill on saturday. he just dropped off his son at the barbershop. and they're pleading with someone to help them find the killer of their father. >> he was a good dude man, a
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good father and brother and friend. >> so they're asking anyone who has information or come in contact with somebody, to call the baltimore police. a tough week for the harford county sheriff's department. they're preparing to say good- bye to another one of their colleagues. we're told that the man started feeling symptoms during the troop they're was killed in a car crash last week. no word on calling hours or funeral arrangements. it could be a tough day for american diplomats in the middle east. demonstrations are expected after friday's weekly prayers. a deadly attack at the u.s. embassy in libya on tuesday. four americans died, including the u.s. ambassador. they're angry over an anti-
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islam video that was produced by american. we have word that libyan officials arrested four people in connection to that attack. investigators are looking into a deadly accident that killed a man. the victim was walking on the track around 3:00 yesterday at the west cold spring overpass and the train hit him. he died at the scene. no one on the train was hurt. it's not clear why he was on the tracks. the mta did shut down for several hours. washington d.c. metro put in place a realtime computer monitoring system. the hope with this is that they can detect problems like this one that caused a train derailment in 2009. metro previously reviewed data two time a day that would indicate a problem. but the new system monitors the
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trains in realtime. some 350,000 kids going another day outside of a classroom. one more day in chicago. the teachers' union said they will continue to strike today and they have called a special delegate meeting this afternoon to get an update on the contract talks. there's no indication right now if the two sides have reached a settlement. but the union president said that she is optimistic about the negotiations. >> i'm praying, i'm on my knees for that. please. i'm hoping for monday. that would be good for us. that would be very good for our kids. >> union plans to told a labor rally tomorrow in a park that is happening on chicago's west side. time for a check on our whether and we'll send it over to lynette charles. let's keep this nice weather going. we'll try to keep it going for the weekend. and we'll try to squeak out the
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dry weather today as well. we're looking at this in the middle part of the nation. this is a line of of showers and this is associated with a cold front that will move through as we go through the weekend. but what i'm hoping is once it gets closer to us in the day, it will break up when it comes in contact with the mountains. and we have dry air in place. so we're not looking at too much in the way of rainfall. this morning, we're dealing with mainly clear skies. but you can see that the clouds will increase through the day. this mornings, the temperatures coming in at 57 and we're not as cool as we have been because we're seeing cloud cover trying to move in across the area. chesapeake beach at 60 and 60 in centerville. we'll talk about the tropics and what is in store for the weekend coming up. 4:37. it's national anthem day. on this day in 1814 francis scott key penned the words to
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the star bangled banner. and this school is putting a 21st twist on this day. they're receiving interactive tools to learn about the war of 1812 and the national anthem. for the mchenry -- fort mchenry guards will lead them in the singing. within man could not get his hands on the iphone. how he decided to bust into an apple store and the whole thing caught on camera. volunteers are rolling up their sleeves this weekend to clean up maryland's waterways. everything is up to speed on 95 at the fort mchenry tunnel. i'll let you know how the traffic is shaping up on 83 and the beltway. we're giving way $600 in free gas. all you have to do is like any official abc 2 facebook path.
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we'll draw a winner later today. good luck. [ç?w?ñ?ñ
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it is one of the craziest heists caught on video. this man crashes his truck through the store front and apple store. he gets out and grabs iphone and ipads off the display table. the police did catch up with him and arrested him for burglary. what a story this new mom from washington state will tell her baby. she was supposed to have a scheduled c-section and not expecting her baby to arrival the baby was not waiting. the mom started going into labor on the drive home. two surgical technicians happened to be there at the rest stop. and they rushed into the bathroom where they delivered the baby girl both the mom and
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the baby are doing great. a cat in florida credited to gives his owner a second life. she was working in her home office and buddy started misbehaving. and when she picked him up and took him to the kitchen, she found her husband leaning over the counter and going into sudden cashed ac arrest. and she gave her husband cpr till the paramedic has arrived. >>i waited and said a prayer. they got a heartbeat. >> after the heart procedure and six months of rehab, rick now lives to tell the story and says that he owes buddy his life. they say that cats have nine lives. maybe he gave one to his owner. time to look at the roads. quiet weather out there as well. how about the orioles yesterday? >> that was magical.
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>> i'm loveing it. maybe the weather -- i'm loving it. maybe the whether had something to do with it. but we're trying to end things on a good note. let me show you what is going on right now. 58 in lessby and 58 in noddingham. be prepared for a little bit of patchy fog in some spots. but all and all we'll have a nice and dry day. we will not be atlantic as season -- not be as sunny as we have been. this will traverse the area as we go through tonight and tomorrow. behind it, we'll have breezy conditions and you can see that line of green. and that is wet weather that will make it over the mountains. there's a stray shower out there and the air is still dry. the dew point have been in the 50s and the 40s. high pressure in control for the most part and this will slide off towards the east as
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the cold front gets closer to us. and then we have to talk about the tropics. we have tropical storm nadine right now looking good and healthy. this will be a category 1 storm. this storm is going to stay well away from us as it makes the northwesterly jog and things will be much more drier and better home as we go through time. this is what we're liking. if you have to have the tropical storm and hurricanes, keep them away from the u.s. future trend not picking up on a lot. this is the front that gets closer to us at 5:00. look at what happens. this is not going to happen. we have a few clouds out there. and that stray shower is possible. but i think we should stay dry as we go through time. after the cold front makes it through, plenty of sunshine saturday and sunday and keep the outdoor plans. next week we have a change. 83 today and partly sunny with an isolated shower this
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evening. 58 degrees. tomorrow, 78 mostly sunny and cooler and breezy and looking good for the weekend. and then we have change in the forecast as we head into next week. rain on tuesday and wednesday morning. and now time for your abc 2 time save are traffic with lauren cook. we have a little fog across the region. be extra careful as you head out. if you are using the jfx to get into the city no delays from the beltway all the way downtown. the stretch will take you around 11 minutes. and if you are in east baltimore, we're still dealing with repairs to the sinkhole. so east monument street remns shut down and that will be between wonderful street and patterson park -- wolf street and patterson park avenue. and 95 done done and 395, everything is up to speed. and it will be as easy drive. the harvey tunnel will also be
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clear. 11 minutes all together from the outter loop from 695 to 95. five meanings that you need to know before you head out the door the idaho man accused of firing an assault rifle at the white house last fall will be in court this morning. he is charged with attempting to assassinate president obama. he faces life in prison if he is convicted. and aberdeen police officer who was -- who died last week will be buried today at bel air memorial gardens. brett favre will be in court this morning. two massage therapists are suing him. they say that he sent them inappropriate text messages in
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2008. today is the sendoff for police commissioner. it starts at 7:00 and open to the public. so everybody is free to show up. the white house is welcoming members of the u.s. 2012 olympic and paralympic teams this morning. the groups will be joined by the president and first lady. it's happening on the south lawn of the white house. and we'd like to picture our state's waterways beautiful and pristine. but the sad truth is they are not. they can often be filled with debris and trash. there's an effort this weekend to help clean it up. >> reporter: rocky point water park. beautiful views and you can't beat the swimming. >> waiting for a bite. >> reporter: diane cummings is looking for a striper at her favorite spot. the within thing that she's not seeing is trash because of the
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fishermen guarding the water. >> he you left a lot of stuff over there. and they followed them become to the park and made them clean it up t gets ugly. there you go. it's a tree bag. >> reporter: bags, bottles, wrappers. >> every place is a watershed. so you can be downtown baltimore or in western maryland and if you drop trash or it accidentally fall on the ground it will find a stream and river and it will end up in the bay. >> reporter: that is why they organize sites all over our area for ocean coastal cleanup. in maryland, just like the rest of the world, she said that the pop pollutant are cigarette butts. they gathered 5,000 pounds last year. >> i don't think they feel like the expenses of it. like the beach, people throw
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their cigarettes in the sand. i would like to say we found birds with cigarette butts in their stomachs because they think it is food. >> reporter: after cigarettes, it's caps and lids and plastic bottles. and then some weird stuff. >> toilet and boat. do not put this in. >> reporter: you never know what you're going find. so grab the kids and enjoy the weather and get out and save the bay. >> if you would like to join not cleanup efforts, head to we have a link to the list of sites that need volunteers. and there's more information how to sign up available on our website. again, we're in full baby mode on "good morning maryland." we have more baby pictures to share with you of charles crowson's new baby girl that
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came into the world yesterday. washington d.c. is a hotspot for culture, politics and night life. and now there's a new study that shows that more people are flock together nation's capitol just ahead. ñ[=
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check out the screen. we cannot get enough of charlie's new baby girl. her name is olivia. six pounds and one ounce and just under 20 inches long. she and her mom are doing fine. i talked to charlie and he was calm, cool and collected. we've been sending in all the comments that you're sending in. they are really sweet. >> and page writes in saying
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beautiful baby girl, life will forever be changed for the better and you'll have the love like no other. love every minute even the 3:00 a.m. ones and keep those comments coming. we love hearing from you and we know that charlie appreciates it. >> we have lots of pictures on facebook and there's one of charlie holding his daughter and it's the most genuine smile. pure happiness. keep the comments coming. we know that the family appreciate it's. weather time. not too bad this morning and a little cool. we'll warm up as we go through the day. i think the rain will stay away for the most part. maybe a stray shower. but no downpours. if you're heading to the airport this morning, this is what you're working with. we're starting to seat clouds move in. -- see the clouds move in. and the winds are calm and
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advisability not a problem as you -- visibility not a problem as you head towards the bus stop. this is what the bus stop forecast looks like. i'll call it a nice afternoon because of the fact i think we'll stay dry. we'll see a few more clouds out there. but the temperature is coming in around 83 degrees. and now a check of the the abc2 news timesaver traffic with lauren cook. a perfect morning for the charm city music festival that starts tomorrow so definitely keep that in mind. right now, the harrisburg expressway, that will be in great shape. this is a live look at warren road. and no problems getting to 695 and it will remain clear as you get on the jfx. and you're looking at a 15 minute ride right now from white marsh into the city. and as we pull up other drive times, you'll notice the beltway in great shape. no problems in parkville up to townse

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